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Dr. Puneet Batra
Consultant Orthodontist & Implantologist
BDS(Gold Medalist). MDS (Orthodontics-AIIMS)
M Orth RCS (Edinburg), FFD Orth RCS (Ireland)
Dr. Shweta
Consultant Dental Surgeon
Trained for: Tobacco Intervention Initiative of IDA
Jt Secretary: IDA South West Delhi Branch

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Tabacco Intervention Initiative Centre

Teeth Whitening


The term ’whitening’ strictly speaking is a misnomer. This is because natural color of teeth is never perfectly white. It is a combination of white and yellow in varying proportions. Broadly, the procedure aims at restoring the natural white color of the teeth.


Bleaching can be done By the dentist in the dental clinic or at home by various commercially available bleaching kits. However, before directly jumping to the home bleaching, it is important that a dentist be consulted. This is important since home bleaching product may not be effective or indicated for every individual. Generally, the first bleaching is done at the dental office, with the follow up being done by the home bleaching products. However from a safety point of view and for best results both home and office bleaching should be monitored by the dentist.


Bleaching is a simple, painless way to make your teeth whiter. Although teeth is very hard, but the outer layer, the enamel has microscopic pores that discolour over time, from smoking and food colourings. Sometimes discolouration can occur during early tooth formation from antibiotics and fluoride consumption.

Before After


Teeth presents with 2 types of stains:

Extrinsic Stains: These stains are caused by tea, coffee, cigarettes, pan masala and other tobacco products, spicy food containing lots of red chillies and turmeric. Since these stains are of exogenous origin, they can be removed by bleaching.

EXTRINSIC STAINS Before                                     After
Aging Stains   
Smoking Stains    
Stains acquired Genetically   
Tetracycline Stains   


Intrinsic stains: These stains are of developmental origin being incorporated within the structure of the tooth. These stains are caused by factors which operate at the time when the tooth is being formed. Common factors responsible for intrinsic staining include drinking of water with high fluoride content, ingestion of tetracyline medication, and injury to the tooth. Bleaching does effect these stains too but the effect varies depending on the severity of the clinical condition.

Before After

Instructions for Tooth Whitening or bleaching process:

1. A thorough Brushing and flossing of teeth required before placing the bleaching tray in mouth.
2. Place small drop of gel in tray at each tooth site where whitening is desired.
3. Seat tray completely and firmly onto teeth.
4. Wipe off excess gel with toothbrush or clean finger.
5. Trays are to be worn overnight.
6. When trays are removed, rinse with cool water and remove residual material and store in case. Keep your trays out of the sunlight and heat. Excessive heat can melt the trays. Do not store them in your car during the warm summer months.
7. Brush and rinse remaining gel from teeth after Bleaching.
8. Remove tray prior to eating.
9. You will have enough material to bleach both upper and lower teeth for 2-3 weeks.