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Dr. Puneet Batra
Consultant Orthodontist & Implantologist
BDS(Gold Medalist). MDS (Orthodontics-AIIMS)
M Orth RCS (Edinburg), FFD Orth RCS (Ireland)
Dr. Shweta
Consultant Dental Surgeon
Trained for: Tobacco Intervention Initiative of IDA
Jt Secretary: IDA South West Delhi Branch

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Sport Guard



Dental trauma is one of the most serious oral health problems in active children and adolescents. One of the most effective ways of preventing dental trauma during physical activity is through a dental mouth guard or sports guard. Sports Guards are designed to help cushion the mouth, teeth and jaws, preventing significant damage in the event of a sports injury. Wearing a sports guard is an important precaution for athletes of any age and ability.

Sports guards help protect the teeth and gums from trauma.

Mouth Guards will help to prevent:

  1. Fractured jaws
  2. Fractured teeth
  3. Lacerations to the inside of the mouth and tongue
  4. Damage to the roots of teeth and the supporting bone

Which type of Sports Guard should I get?


A custom-fabricated sports guard is proven to offer the highest level of protection from oralfacial injury. Custom-made sports guards offer the greatest comfort, fit, durability, and protection against dental and head injuries. In addition, custom made Sports Guards come in an array of different colors, and styles.


Who should wear a Sports / Mouth Guard?

People who participate in contact sports, in activities where there is a risk of a fall or contact with other players or equipment. People usually accept football or hockey as one of the more riskier sports for injuries to the mouth, yet approximately half of all sports related mouth injuries occur in basketball and baseball.

How often should I replace my sports/mouth guard?

Generally speaking, a mouth guard should be replaced every two to three years.

How should I store my sports/mouth guard?

After wearing the mouth guard, the mouth guard should be rinsed thoroughly with cold or luke warm water. It should be stored in a plastic container to avoid damage. The use of hot water may distort the mouth guard.